June 3, 2015


Nangapoche Primary School

In 2009, Mai Aisha constructed Nangapoche Junior Primary School in Somba Village T/A Bwananyambi in Mangochi district with funding from International Development Bank (IDB). Read more…


Irrigation schemes


In July 2010 Mai Aisha Trust responded to the need of a community in Dziwe, Traditional Authority Kunthembwe in Blantyre west, for an initiative to embark on irrigation farming with the aim of eradicating extreme poverty by increasing food crop productivity through small scale irrigation farming.
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Mandimwi Irrigation Scheme is a gravity-fed irrigation type of farming. It is situated in Ntonda Extension Planning Area (EPA) under the Blantyre Agriculture Division (BADD). Located 8km West of Blantyre, Mandimwi Irrigation Scheme covers a total area of 10 hectares.
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Mpenga Irrigation Scheme is located in Mpira Village T/A Likoswe in Chiradzulu district in the Southern region of Malawi. It is one of the places that many of its people are victims of hunger which hits the area in year out despite having all the resources to enable them have bumper yields.

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Mtemaumo Irrigation Scheme is located in three villages namely Mbande, Mbokola and Sankwenche in Traditional Authority Somba in Blantyre District about 25 kilometers from Blantyre City. The site is in Mpemba East Section, Ntonda Extension Planning Area of Blantyre Agricultural Development Division.

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