Masuku Junior Primary School

Masuku Junior Primary School

During the Month of June MAT has handled over Masuku Junior primary school which has been built in Mtwera Village T/A Bwanangámbi in Mangochi.

This junior school has been built with the support of Drop of Compassion donor. The project has been completed in one and half year and it was handled over on 10th June 2023.

The school has 2 Class blocks only and this junior school will benefit the community of Mtwera alot.

Problems Faced before coming of this school:

  1. Before the coming of this junior school children were walking a long distance which lead to an increase of school drop outs.
  2. It was difficult for children to participate well in class since they were reaching at the school already tired because of long distance.

Solutions Masuku primary school has brought:

  1. There will be a decrease number in school dropouts since children will not be walking along distance.
  2. Children will participate well in class since they will be in class at right time.

Start Date: January 2022
End Date: June 2023