MAT Opens Mulimba Primary School.

MAT Opens Mulimba Primary School.

Considering that school is an important aspect of our success Mai Aisha Trust with support of Drop Of Compassion donors we have constructed Mulimba primary school which has been opened on 11th September 2023. This school is constructed in Mtwala village (Masuku) T/A Bwamnanyambi Mangochi.

The school has facilities such as 2 Class blocks which has 4 classrooms (Each classroom has desks), Boreholes, Staff and student toilets.

As of now this school is offering classes for standard 1 and 2 only and it has 3 teachers from Ministry of Education and 4 volunteers’ teachers. So far it has 3205 pupils.

Problems Faced before coming of this school:

  1.  Children were walking a long distance which lead to an increase of school drop outs.
  2. It was difficult for children to participate well in class since they were reaching at the school already tired because of long distance.

Solutions Mulimba primary school has brought:

  1. There will be a decrease number in school dropouts since children will not be walking along distance.
  2. Children will participate well in class since they will be in class at right time