Mpata Irrigation Scheme

Mpata Irrigation Scheme

Mpata Irrigation Scheme was implemented by Mai Aisha Trust by Peace Giving International.  The scheme is located in Mangochi district in Mbere village T/A Bwananyambi. The scheme has 30 farmers (11males & 19 females), the scheme is now completed and the crops that are grown are Vegetables, Tomtoes and Maize.

Problems Faced Before the Scheme

  1. They failed to cultivate large piece of land.
  2. They were using earth canal which causes soil erosion.

How Things Have Changed With the Support of Peace Giving International

  1. The coming of motorized irrigation system has reduced soil erosion.
  2. Farmers are able to cultivate large land which leads to high yield.
Start Date: December,2019.
End Date: December,2019.
Total Beneficiaries: 30 Households
Project Partners: Peace Giving International