Mikundi Borehole

Mikundi Borehole

The borehole was drilled in Mikundi Village T/A Bwananyambi Mangochi district. Funded by Brother Ashraf Patel from UK through Drop Of Compassion (DOC). Over 250 families are benefiting from the borehole.

Some of the problems faced before the implementation of the project are as follows:

  1. The community used unsafe water for drinking and washing as shown in the picture below:

    This is the place where people used to fetch water for drinking and washing

  2. Women travelled long distance if they had to find safe water.
  3. Risk of water borne diseases were very high.

Things changed with support the community got:

  1. They now have safe water
  2. Women no longer travel long distances
  3. Reduced water borne diseases
Start Date: December 2019
End Date: December 2019
Total Beneficiaries: 3000
Project Partners: Drop of Compassion