MAT Distributes Water Wheels

MAT Distributes Water Wheels

With the help of Drop Of Compassion MAT distributed 640 water wheels to 8 villages in Mangochi: Kwiputi, Masuku, Malimbasa, Saidi Kwilemba, Maindi, Matukuta, Kwilasa village T/A Jalasi and Namakango village T/A Mponda on 25th and 28th February 2022.  These water wheels will ease the life of many families since they will not carry water through buckets.

Problems Faced Distribution of Water Wheels

  1. Women were walking long distance carrying buckets on their heads.
  2. Since some buckets had no covers so water get contaminated before getting home.

Solutions that have been brought.

  1. Women are at ease since they will no longer carry water on heads.
  2. Water was not safe and clean when reaching home since it was not well covered.