Mai Aisha Trust Masjid Handover

Mai Aisha Trust Masjid Handover

With funding from Crisis Aid Donor, Ummah Welfare Trust and Akhirah Team Mai Aisha Trust handover Masjid on 26th April and 1st May 2022 in Saidi kwilembe village T/A Jalasi  (Mangochi) Saopa village (Zomba) and Mawimba Village (Machinga) respectively.

Masjid which was funded by Akhirah Team in Machinga it has facilities as Borehole, Masjid that can occupy 200 people and  MAM house while the other 2 Masjids its only Masjid that occupies 200 people.

People from this areas were very happy and delighted to have such Masjids in their areas.

Objectives for this Masjids are:

  1. To provide a place of worship to people in this and surrounding villages.
  2. To strengthen Iman among Muslims around this areas.
  3. To promote Dawah.