Mai Aisha Trust Implement 17 Irrigation Schemes.

Mai Aisha Trust Implement 17 Irrigation Schemes.

In the year 2021 Mai Aisha Trust in partnership with charity organisations based in UK: Ummah Welfare, One Nation, Drop of Compassion and World Care Foundation they have manage to implement 17 irrigation schemes in Mangochi district.

Farmers are growing various crops such as Maize, Vegetables, and Tomatoes etc. Almost 640 people are benefiting from this Irrigation schemes.

Problems Faced before This Irrigation Schemes were:

  1. Farmers were unable to cultivate at a large piece of land since they were using buckets to carry water for irrigation.
  2. There were a lot of cases of nutrition diseases since they had insufficient foods.
  3. Income delegation since they harvest few crops they are unable to sale the crops to find money.

Benefits of Irrigation Schemes

  1. Farmers are able to cultivate large piece of land since they are no longer using a tired way of irrigation.
  2. Income generation since farmers are harvesting a lot of crops, they are able to feed their families and have some to sale.
  3. Nutrition have improved since they are having sufficient food.