Mtemaumo Irrigation Scheme

Mtemaumo Irrigation Scheme

Mtemaumo Irrigation Scheme is located in three villages namely Mbande, Mbokola and Sankwenche in Traditional Authority Somba in Blantyre District about 25 kilometers from Blantyre City. The site is in Mpemba East Section, Ntonda Extension Planning Area of Blantyre Agricultural Development Division.

Project Design

The project is gravity-fed based scheme that is economical, environmentally friendly and sustainable. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) irrigation design were used to come up with hydraulic structures, main pipes, sizing of the canals and provision of drainage. A total of about 350 metre main canal has been constructed.

Agricultural Development Plan

Potential crops and cropping calendar were proposed by farmers under the guidance of Irrigation agronomist in accordance with climatic and soil conditions. The crops proposed and grown are maize and vegetables. The project is based on three growing seasons in a year, two in winter and the other one in summer.

Farmers are continuously being advised by the Department of Agricultural Extension Services (DAES) on suitable crop and land husbandry practices such as land preparation, sowing methods, plant population, fertilizer and manure application, harvesting, post harvest handling and marketing and suitable land and management practices.

Start Date: 2010
End Date: 2011
Total Beneficiaries: 10 households
Project Partners: Department of Agricultural Extension Services (DAES)