Dziwe irrigation scheme

Dziwe irrigation scheme

In July 2010 Mai Aisha Trust responded to the need of a community in Dziwe, Traditional Authority Kunthembwe in Blantyre west, for an initiative to embark on irrigation farming with the aim of eradicating extreme poverty by increasing food crop productivity through small scale irrigation farming, using the available water source, a perennial river, that passes through their village. Unlike other irrigation sites, Dziwe was a possibility of exploration by the community themselves, in collaboration with Mai Aisha Trust. It was after this exploration that the Irrigation services Division (ISD) was consulted for technical expertise and development of the scheme.

Another distinctive feature about Dziwe is that it operates on a motorized pump, as opposed to other sites that are gravity-fed. Dziwe is generally a hunger stricken area due to effects of climate change, generally malpractices of wantonly cutting down of trees to burn charcoal for economic survival.

The establishment of the irrigation scheme is a measure to reduce the effect of hunger by increasing crop productivity where farmers grow crops a minimum of two time a year.

Irrigation farming is the only way out for the local communities to address food shortage.

The work commenced in October 2010 financial support from Mai Aisha Trust. The project has been in operation since 2011.


The scheme enables most households to have adequate food as well as surplus to sell so as to improve their wellbeing.

More than ten households benefitted from the scheme with farmers growing crops such as maize and tomatoes.

Start Date: 2010
End Date: 2011
Total Beneficiaries: 10 households
Project Partners: Irrigation services Division (ISD)