MAT Bails Farmers With Farm Inputs.

MAT Bails Farmers With Farm Inputs.

MAT with the support of One National donors we distributed 28 bags of 50kgs of Urea chemical/inorganic fertilizer and 28 bags of 50 kgs of NPK chemical/inorganic fertilizers, making a total of 56 bags. Apart from fertilizer we also distributed 140 packs of 1 kg pack of hybrid maize varieties to Makolongwe Irrigation Scheme Farmers from Madziabango along Chikwawa road on 18th September 2023.

These farm inputs were shared to 163 farmers operating under Makolongwe Irrigation Scheme and are intended to be used during irrigation farming this year after they have harvested their first cycle of irrigation crops.

Objectives for this farm inputs distribution were:

  • To support farmers with farm inputs e.g. fertilizers and seeds in order to maximize their crop yields.
  • To assist vulnerable groups who cannot afford to buy farm inputs e.g. fertilizers and seeds due to the rising cost of the same.
  • To improve food and nutrition security.

Through this farm inputs distribution farmers will be able harvest more yields and improve their livelihoods.