MAT Distributes Bicycles

MAT Distributes Bicycles

Considering that bicycle is a very reliable means of transport in Malawi more especially in rural areas. MAT with the help of Drop Of Compassion has distributed 162 bicycles in Mangochi T/A Bwananyambi. This bicycles were distributed in four villages: Nsomba, Mikundi, Masuku and Kwiputi. Bicycles were distributed to Students, Teachers, Community leaders and the needy  on  12 August, 2022.

Problems faced before distribution of bicycles:

  • Students were walking long distance to get to school which lead to more school drops.
  • Teachers were walking long distance to work so they were not motivated and it leads to frequently absence to work.

Solutions that have been brought:

  • It has ease mobility challenge among the vulnerable groups.
  • It has improve the social economic status of rural communities through bicycle taxi business.