Mai Aisha Builds 30 Houses For The Needy

Mai Aisha Builds 30 Houses For The Needy

The right to adequate shelter is basic human need; adequate shelter means affordable housing, which meets basic requirements of endurable security, structural ability, physical durability and adequate protection from inclement weather. The effect of climate change has affected women and children due to severe floods that have destroyed their homes, rendering them homeless.


It is pathetic that in most rural areas of Malawi, people are sleeping in slums due to poverty despite these weather conditions. With no good shelter, the elderly women and children are unable to manage the effect of incurable diseases such as AIDS and natural disasters like floods and drought. These challenges come as the affected families cannot provide for their children with basic needs.


As such Mai Aisha Trust with support from Ummah Welfare Trust a UK based charity organisation have built 30 houses in Namakango village (Katema Area) in Mangochi.

The people who have benefited are: widows, elderly and the poor.

How the situation has improved in targeted areas.

  1. Targeted beneficiaries got relieved from hardship as they now leaving in descent homes that do not leak when it’s raining.

If other well wishers can imitate such initiative, they can help to effectively lead towards raising capacity in sustaining house building efforts.