June 4, 2015


Water is life

Our water-related projects include:

  1. Borehole wells in districts with pronounced cases of water-borne diseases including cholera and diarrhoea. Typically wells are located central to four or five villages and each borehole provides clean water for approximately 4,000 villagers surrounding the site.
  2. Irrigation schemes which are fully owned and maintained by the local villagers. Sites are identified in partnership with the Ministry of Irrigation and typically take more than four months to build. We prefer gravity based irrigation schemes as they remove the reliance on mechanical operations. In these schemes, water is transported downstream for up to half a kilometre and increases crop yield three-fold enriching the land with sufficient fertility to grow rice, chillies and fruits.
  3. Fish farms provide a source of meat for the villagers and are possible through the irrigation scheme. The Ministry of Irrigation stated that more than 37,000 people benefit directly and indirectly from the agriculture and economy generated from our initial Mandimwe scheme.