May 9, 2015


Mai Aisha Trust is an independent, non-profit organisation founded in 2002. Mai Aisha focuses on relief and development through sustainable and participatory approaches aimed at empowering the rural communities to improve their living conditions.

Building a brighter futureThe Trust seeks to empower that the rural communities access to education, health care and sustainable livelihood. The organisation’s philosophy is that improved livelihood is essential for social and economic development, and ultimately for the dignity of human beings. The programmes developed and implemented by Mai Aisha are designed to foster independence from donor assistance.


Mai Aisha primarily initiates programs based on community-driven approach and designs them to be responsive to the local needs and priorities. In the planning and implementation of the programs, Mai Aisha works closely with the appropriate local authorities, organisations, including government and non-governmental organisations. The local counterparts work with Mai Aisha to plan and implement activities appropriately and effectively to address critical needs and facilitate long-term sustainability.

Support to other Organisations

Mai Aisha has and continues to provide financial, technical and moral support to some charitable organisations. This is based on the principle on non-duplication of efforts and reinventing the wheel.


Mai Aisha has the capacity in virtually many sectors of community development in management and other social service deliveries.